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Dixons Trinity Academy

The iBase

The iBase is currently operating a ‘click and collect’ service. Please check Our Click and Collect Service document at the end of this page, along with our WTD when ordering books.

Our e-book Collection

iBase收藏了1300多本电子书,可以在各种设备上阅读. 他的藏书还在不断增加,包括小说和非小说文本. Login using your school email and school password. Or access via Links from the Reading Cloud homepage.

Reading Cloud

Reading Cloud is our Library Management System. 它包含了所有书籍和资源的目录(电子书, DVDs and CDs) that the Library has in its collection. Click on the heading, Reading Cloud, to go the to the home page. 请使用学校用户名及密码登入,并按作者、标题或体裁搜寻目录.

Britannica School

大英百科全书学校在一个地方为您提供高质量的信息. 每一层显示一棵树的图像,随着树获得更多的叶子, 因此,在线百科全书将为您提供更多的信息和更高层次的资源,以及更有雄心的文本.

输入一个关键字或关键短语,你想了解更多,百科全书会给你各种资源点击. 在左边,如果你点击主要来源和电子书,你可以进一步深入研究. 你也可以点击网站的最佳网站,它会找到可靠的网站,以扩大你的研究. 您可以在百科全书中搜索相关图片和视频.

Or access via Links from the Reading Cloud homepage. 使用“Username: dixonsta”和“Password: trinity”(密码必须为小写字母)登录.)

BBC Sounds

根据芬兰于韦斯屈莱大学的一项研究, listening to books is similar to listening to music. 研究人员发现,听一本书可以刺激大脑中与注意力相关的部分, memory, language and mood. 收听GCSE英语文学和其他经典文本的免费播客.

First News


What the IBase Team is reading

Sufyan Mahmood, iBase高级助理,10年级,目前正在阅读Cass Green的《AG亚博集团》. “It is a psychological thriller full of twists and turns.”

Emily Foltier, Senior iBase Assistant, Year 9 is currently reading ‘Anne of Avonlea’ by L M Montgomery.This is the fourth book of the ‘Anne of Green Gables’ series; Gilbert and Anne are engaged yet are apart. 吉尔伯特在医学院读书,安妮现在是一所学校的校长. Although separated by distance, 他们仍然在信中分享他们所有的消息,安妮描述了她试图让新学生和他们的父母接受她的旅程.” Find the first novel in the series, ‘Anne of Green Gables’, 在iBase的经典书架上,或者从亚博AG娱乐的电子书收藏中获得完整的14个安妮·雪莉故事.

Rumaysa Mahmood, iBase Assistant, 七年级目前正在阅读坦尼娅·兰德曼(Tanya Landman)的《亚博AG娱乐》(Murder Mysteries 2: Dead Funny). “我才刚刚开始读这本书,但我知道它会和第一本一样好, ‘Mondays are Murder’, was terrific.” Access the e-book from our e-book collection.

Amaan Ali, iBase助理,七年级目前正在阅读R J Palacio的《亚博AG娱乐》. The teacher read ‘Wonder’ to us when I was in primary school, a little under two years ago, but I still wanted to read it myself. So, 当我有机会评论这本书的同伴时,我很高兴, more than delighted, I was completely ecstatic. The book, ‘Auggie & Me ',为奥吉和他的朋友们的生活故事线增加了一些观点. 我刚刚读完这本书,喜欢它的每一秒.” Access the e-book from our e-book collection.

Miss Shabbir is currently reading ‘The Child’ by Fiona Barton. 这是一部缓慢燃烧的心理惊悚片,讲述了一名记者调查一桩10年前的犯罪.” Find this paperback on the Adult Fiction shelves in the iBase.